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What is Docker

Docker can make your life easier through simplifying the process of R&D, testing, and software usage in your business. Run everything, everywhere. Don’t lose your time waiting for server setups or random library updates. Have the environment as a part of your application.

Course Description

During the two-day workshop, you’ll be shown everything you need to know to be able to use Docker - from creating a custom container image to the Swarm utilisation. This course is very hands-on, and you will be able to practice everything you learn.

Course outline

  • Theory introduction to containers & Docker
  • How to install Docker at home or work (for those who did not - do so)
  • Basics of Containerisation
  • Basics of Images
  • Docker Compose - multi-container applications
  • Deployment to Swarm
  • Preview of deployment to Kubernetes

Who Should Attend

This training course is primarily aimed at complete beginners who have either none or very little experience with Docker. Most of all, Developers and/or DevOps (Server Administrators), or those who want to use Docker in practice or want to find out more about its purpose and if it is something they can implement.

Skill Requirements

  • Basic Linux knowledge
  • Basic Terminal knowledge

Technical Requirements

  • Have Docker installed
  • Access to the internet - ideally without corporate proxy, or proxy set up in Docker

Ondrej Sika

My name is Ondrej, I am a software engineer and DevOps consultant, architect & lecturer. I lead mostly Docker courses and CI; they are both closely interrelated. I have worked for small companies, startups to big corporations. I have four years of experience with training.

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If you have any question, let me know at [email protected]

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The friendly Docker expert/mentor you want to meet! Ondrej's did a two day Docker workshop for our IT department in January 2020. In two days, he was able to go to quite a depth while keeping things reasonably clear for everyone. And we all welcomed the comprehensive materials he gave us for later use. What I appreciated most was the numerous follow-up e-mails, checking on our team and offering help with any potential roadblocks. If you need somebody to help you kickstart or improve your Docker journey, I can only recommend Ondřej as your guy.

Josef Sekava

Zoot a.s.

We asked Ondrej fot inhouse Docker training based on recommendation of our business partners. Training was "workshop" style by education on practical examples. Whole two days have met our expectation. Me and my colleagues got more than expectes. Great open atmosphere and a lot of discussed topic in mean time (CI, gitlab, best practices). Ondrej, thank you.

Robert Urban

Digiteq Automotive s.r.o.

In the form of a two-day workshop, Ondra introduced us to the basic technologies of containers and related advanced issues. He explained everything very clearly, while technically & professionally at the same time. He supplemented the theory with a lot of practical examples and advice. Although I had some experience with the Docker basics, thanks to this workshop I had the opportunity to supplement and verify my knowledge. Second part of the workshop (Docker Compose, Machine and Swarm) was more demanding. However, Ondra was able to simplify this issue with appropriate analogies. So, after two days, I left with a decent portion of answers to my questions. The training / materials helped me a lot to expand my knowledge. Thank you again and I'm looking forward to meeting you in Brno!

Matouš Holinka

CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o